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Vietnamese Coffee Filter (Phin)

- Contains up to 25-30 grams of coffee (0.88-1oz ~ 1-2 servings)
- This edition comprises 4 compartments (base, filter chamber, tamper, and lid) that allow you to filter the coffee ground better.
Instructions to use perfect coffee brewing by "Phin" - Vietnamese Coffee Filter:
Step 1: Rinse boiling water to heat filter, cup.
Step 2: Put 20-30g of coffee powder into the filter, prepare 30ml of boiling water and keep the lid on for 1-2 minutes.
Step 3: Take the lid and add 50-100 ml of boiling water.
Step 4: Add sugar, milk, ice depending on your preference.
The product does not stain, rust, the filter is not oxidized when used for a long time, ensuring the health of the user and does not affect the coffee taste.
The filter set is made in Vietnam of stainless steel, and quality is excellent--it will last for years.
Easy to take with you for travel and drink coffee on nature!
This coffee maker is great for people who don't have room for a coffee machine or who like to make a single cup at a time.
This method takes about 4-5 minutes from start to finish, somewhat less than brewing in a coffee machine, and it is more fun and guarantees incredible flavor.
NO POWER NEEDED: This coffee dripper does not need to plug in, simply pour hot water over to make delicious hot or cold coffee (cafe sua da).
NO PAPER FILTER NEEDED: Coffee maker come ready to use, no need to have additional paper filter. Gravity insert easier to use than screw down insert coffee makers
SUITABLE FOR ALL KIND OF COFFEE: This Ca phe phin works well with all kinds of ground coffee, like Trung Nguyen, Cafe Du Monde, Starbucks, Death Wish, Arabica, Robusta or other types of Coffee.
Compact and exquisite design with elegant appearanc.