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Robusta Red Honey



Robusta Red Honey Roasted Pure Coffee has a sweet, mild, medium bitter taste, typical coffee taste, full of energy and creativity, moderate caffeine content.
  • Robusta - 2x more caffeine content
  • 60% less fats , 60% less sugar 
  • 2x more antioxidants than arabica
Selected from 100% ripe Buon Me Thuot Robusta coffee beans and preliminarily processed by the Honey Method - one of the sophisticated preliminary processing methods, requiring a lot of care and meticulousness in each stage. The bright red berry is harvested and the outer flesh is peeled off, revealing the sugar-containing mucus layer, which is then absorbed into the coffee bean during fermentation and drying in the sun. Natural sunlight in the greenhouse, so that the coffee beans will contain more aroma, sweet and seductive like honey, more delicate with caramel flavor, the caffeine content is lowered just enough to awaken passion. enchanted and delighted.

All coffee at Fat Bird Coffee is roasted, without adding any other chemicals or food additives. It is this that creates the characteristic pure Cockroach Brown color. If you are a delicate person with taste, you will immediately feel the deliciousness, purity, mild bitterness, and sweetness.
Roasted and preserved with whole beans, when customers order freshly ground, you always get the freshest cups of coffee, the taste is always fresh.
Let's start a new day with Fat Bird Coffee for the whole day to be more excited and full of ideas.
- Varieties: Robusta.
- Growing area: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.
- Preliminary method: Red Honey.
- Taste: moderate bitterness, sweet chocolate, caramel.
- Caffeine content: 1.9% - 2.5%.
- Best shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.
- Ingredients: 100% Pure Robusta Red Honey Roasted.
- Used for: Mixing filter (Black ice/Iced milk), Mixing machine.
- Packing: 250gr/500gr/1kg in kraft paper bag with one-way valve, convenient bag clip for storage after each use.