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Arabica 50% - Robusta 50%



Fat Bird Coffee Blend 50-50 is suitable for Coffee Connoisseurs who put the Subtlety, Quality, Taste and Class on the top. The aftertaste is long, easy to remember and linger, feeling relaxed and full of creativity when enjoyed.

 A combination of Arabica Cau Dat & Robusta Buon Ma Thuot of high quality to fully converge and balance the typical flavor of each type of Coffee:
- Cau Dat Arabica with the characteristics of sour, delicate, aromatic fruit flavor is strictly selected for export standards (whole grain, not broken, uniform).
- High quality Buon Ma Thuot Robusta with strong bitter taste, strong aroma, more caffeine is selected from the best coffee region of the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot.
All coffee at Fat Bird Coffee is roasted, without adding any other chemicals or food additives. If you are a delicate person with taste, you will immediately feel the deliciousness, purity, mild bitterness, and sweetness.
Roasted and preserved with whole beans, you always get the freshest cups of coffee, grind it wherever you go.
Let's start a new day with Fat Bird Coffee for the whole day to be more excited and full of ideas.

- Varieties: Robusta, Arabica.
- Growing area: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.
- Preliminary processing method: Full Washed.
- Roasting method: Roasting without using additives and preservatives.
- Taste: Mild Bitter, Sweet Afternoon, Strong Aroma. Mixing the right dose will have a beautiful color of cockroach wings, not as bold and black as coffee mixed with chemicals.
- Caffeine content: >1.8%.
- Best shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.
- Ingredients: 50% Cau Dat Arabica & 50% Buon Ma Thuot Robusta, grain size S16
- Packing: 500gr/pack with 1-way valve, the bag clamp bar is very convenient for storage.