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Arabica 30% - Robusta Honey 70%



Roasted Whole Bean Coffee for Machine Brewing, including Robusta Red Honey (70%) combined with Cau Dat Arabica (30%), suitable for coffee lovers who love the strong, innovative and sweet, mild, non-sour taste, Medium bitterness, thick crema, typical coffee taste, energetic and creative, moderate caffeine content. (Support available grinding if required by the customer).

Selected from S16-standard Buon Ma Thuot Robusta beans, processed by the Honey Method - one of the sophisticated preliminary processing methods, requiring a lot of care and meticulousness in each stage. After being processed with Honey, the Coffee Beans begin to be fermented and contain many sweet and seductive aromas, at the same time, the caffeine content will be slightly reduced compared to the Natural method.

- Arabica Cau Dat with the characteristics of sour, delicate, aromatic fruit flavor is strictly selected for export standards (whole grain, not broken, uniform).
All coffee at Fat Bird Coffee is roasted, without adding any other chemicals or food additives. It is this that creates the characteristic pure Cockroach Brown color. If you are a delicate person with taste, you will immediately feel the deliciousness, purity, mild bitterness, and sweetness.
Roasted and preserved with whole beans, you always get the freshest cups of coffee, grind it wherever you go.

Let's start a new day with Fat Bird Coffee for the whole day to be more excited and full of ideas.

- Varieties: Robusta, Arabica.
- Growing area: Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.
- Preliminary processing method: Honey (Robusta); Full Washed (Arabica).
- Taste: not sour, moderately bitter, sweet chocolate, caramel.
- Caffeine content: 1.9% - 2.5%.
- Best shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.
- Ingredients: 70% Pure Roasted Honey Roasted Robusta & 30% Pure Roasted Arabica.