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Boutique shop of organic coffee and tea from Vietnam.

Welcome to the boutique organic coffee and tea shop from Vietnam.

We work with small farms all over Vietnam. We support small industries and private farms. Our assortment includes: Arabica and Robusta grains of different production processes (washed, honey, natural), we roast Kopi Luwak and Black Ivory coffee, we work with Specialty coffee. We roast small batches of coffee for a fresh taste.

Unique micro lots of tea from the mountainous provinces of Vietnam. Oolong, Gaba, green and red teas, flower picks, black teas with berries, green and black puer from small villages in the mountains of Vietnam. Tea ware and souvenirs.

We deliver all over the world. We are trying to make the world tastier!

Welcome to the Fat Bird Coffee Company page!

WE BELIEVE THE COFFEE and tea EXPERIENCE IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY FROM farm TO CUP. COFFEE IS OUR CRAFT, OUR RITUAL, OUR PASSION. IT DRIVES US AND INSPIRES US. tea is our life, our daily magic. We enjoy every cup and want introduce for you. WE ARE "Fat Bird Coffee". MADE IN Vietnam.